Great News! You are on your way to getting a custom garment completed by Geneva Adams. I do not copy or duplicate any other designer styles, instead she re-creates and use inspirations to reconstruct. All designs are custom made from quality fabrics and hand detailed exquisitely, to bring your vision to life.

After purchase, the designer will then use the information provided to prepare for consultation. Please allow up to 72 hours for Designer to contact you to schedule the consultation whether face to face or over the phone.

Bridal gowns start at $750

Prom gowns start at $550

Custom Orders start at $250

After starting price, all garments are budget based from there. For information and help for low budgeting pieces, please send and inquiry before you book. You can also send an inquiry for gown quotes if you have style ideas, or questions. 

Please carefully read my terms and conditions before booking. By booking you are 100% agreeing to my policies.