Terms and Policies


Geneva Adams Designs does not replicate any other designer styles, instead she re-creates add uses inspirations to reconstruct. My terms and conditions are for both custom orders done through booking and orders purchased from site. Wedding, Prom, and Custom orders required a consultation. 
Consultations are where we discussed dress style materials, embellishments, fabric, fabric texture, notion details, budget, price, deposits, and due date. Prom dresses start at $550, Wedding at $750 and any other custom styles start at $250. Orders can be adjusted to fit budget. These terms and policies constitutes the agreement between the client. They are subject to change. 


Once you have completed the questionnaire through the booking page and booking fee is paid, you will be contacted within 72 hours to schedule a consultation. There we discuss the overall look of your garment, deposits, fittings, and price.  Appointments are followed by deposits and then comes garment fittings or for out of town clients, items are shipped. 



After price is determined, you are required to pay a $200-$250 deposit to start for prom and wedding gowns. For custom orders $250-$300, you are required to pay half to start and it varies from there. Deposit is subject to change for orders over $800. Items won’t start until the deposit are in. Once the deposit is received or your order is placed, you are NOT allowed to change your garment style or color. Styles on the website are subject to change.  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.



Fittings can be scheduled during consultation or anytime in between due date. Garment size is based on measurements made at fitting. The designer is not responsible for any changes in customer measurements that differs from measurements taken/given from start, but is willing to complete small changes in size but is open to charging for major alterations. At fittings you will come to try on your outfit and point out any adjustments and complete any alterations. If garment fits and need no adjustments you can leave with your item. You can also leave with your item if you want to wait for me to complete adjustments and/or alterations.



Geneva Adams Designs in no event is response for any damages to the garment after leaving the stylist whether indirect, incidental, loss of profits, lost of use, pain and suffering, and allergies. 

  • Damages, lost, weather, or any event that is not reasonable cause by or under Geneva Adams Designs is not our responsibility and we won’t be held accountable. 
  • We are not responsible for any shipping delays, one items are shipped at least 2 days before due date. 

  • We are not responsible for any event delays or changes due to COVID-19 or any other reasons beyond our control once you book.